Products and Services

Ample Money Lender Sdn Bhd and is a licensed financial loan company with our offices in Batu Pahat and Kluang. Our aim is to assist our clients pertaining to their financial needs in an effective and prompt manner. We are operating legaly under the ACT of “Pemberi Pinjaman 1951″. By owning the licence, We are able to offer you a more flexible scheme with easy repayment back to us within your ability in terms of individual.

We are Licensed Money Lender. Please choose Licensed Money Lender!
Our license and permit:
License No.: WL 1683/01/01-6/260816
Permit No.: WP 1683/01/01-2/260816

The range of products and services provided from us are as below:

01. Personal Loan / Private Loan
02. Business Loan
03. Low Interest Mortgage Loan
04. Financial Consultant
05. Daily loan
06. Weekly Loan
07. Monthly Loan
08. Temporary loan
09. Cheque Changes Cash
10. Flexible Loan

With the above products and services, we believe we are ready to access your need with effective solution.

If you are interested to apply for the loan, please prepare the documents as listed below:

1. Title Deeds
2. Photocopy IC
3. Address Of The Property (Utilities Bill)
4. Latest Three Months Salaries Slips
5. Latest Three Months bank Statements
6. KWSP Statements (EPF)

Ample Money Lender Malaysia Johor Batu Pahat Loan Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Business Loan Cash Capital Finance Low Interest Banking Service Cheque Changes Cash EN A001
We are ready to serve you, assist you – Money Resources.