Personal Loan

Cash flow needed? Apply for a personal loan now!

We allows you to get quick cash from personal loan department by using the easiest way!

We offer a variety of repayment structure. Simple procedure and fast approval scheme, designed according to different needs, such as the funds needed for renovation, education, credit card debt or other form of personal loans.

Personal Loan
Loans from RM 1,000 to RM 100,000

– No requirement for ATM card
– No requirement for guarantor
– Fast approval in 1-2 working days
– 5% of commission (agency fee)

Need the following documents
– 3 months of salary payroll
– 3 months of bank statements
– Transcript of ID card
– Latest transcript of water and electricity bill
– Latest KWSP statement (public accumulation funds)
* Terms and conditions apply

Loans from 30,000 and above
– Require collateral (such as: properties / housing / car / shop / land / equipment)

When you needed extra cash to cope with sudden financial needs, we are able to approve your application within one hour, our personal loan department provides you a personal loan packages in the most easy way to allow you to get the quick cash. We are a reliable choice for your personal loan when you are having financial problems.

We can help if you need money for emergency repairs.
We can help if you have overdue debts that have not been paid.
We can help if you need cash to cope those unforeseen expenses.
We can lend a helping hand when you need personal loan.

We provide simple and easy application process. You can do application through online or do application through walk-in to our company. We will provide you the most competitive rates to let you rest assured.

Please contact our professional personal loan service center to let us explain our application process!

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